Time to hit the decks

Time to hit the decks

We love a bit of decking at P&S. It can totally transform your outdoor space into a year-round place for eating, entertaining and just hanging out.  But like all things outdoors, it needs a bit of attention to protect it. If you've been dreaming about timber decking and have finally got around to installing your own, then you want to keep it looking as awesome as it does right now. 

We've put together some helpful advice on looking after it properly and maintaining that brand new look and feel. With the right TLC, your timber decking can last for decades, even with our weather.


Scrub up well

First things first, give it a regular, good clean. It's amazing how many people forget this bit. A soft broom, soap and water, followed by a low setting pressure wash, go a long way to removing grime, grease, debris like leaves and moss, and any stains.

For more stubborn marks (we're looking at you, red wine drinkers), or if you have mould or algae to shift, we've got specialist multi-purpose decking cleaners that are low-maintenance, won’t damage your decking in the cleaning process and can nicely revive your timber (not a euphemism).



Get well oiled

No one wants timber decking that's splintering or peeling. Decking oils are a great and inexpensive way of not just waterproofing and protecting the wood from weathering, but nourishing it too. They enhance the natural colour and character of decking boards by replacing natural oils and resins, keeping your wood looking well-nourished and healthier for longer. 

Plus our oils make your timber decking easy to maintain. You just need to touch it up every now and then. It’s very resistant to dirt and water so doesn’t require much upkeep at all.


Time for a new coat

Timber decking stains on the other hand are more like a varnish that coat the surface of the deck. This seals the deck with a highly durable layer that protects decking timbers from weather, and all those feet walking over it. 

The big difference with these is you can change the colour of the decking boards, enhancing the appearance of the timber by highlighting the natural grain. And you can choose your decking stain in a wide range of wood shades that bring out the best in your decking.


  • If your timber decking is new, then we'd recommend leaving it to weather naturally for about six months before you stain or oil it.
  • Don’t do whole thing immediately – try a wee test patch first in an out of the way spot so you can see how it will look. Not that DIY ever goes wrong of course, but, you know, just in case...
  • Before treating your timber decking, keep checking the weather the fortnight before. If the wood is damp or wet, your finish won’t be as great looking as it would be when applied to a dry deck.



Taking the pain out of paints

Timber decking paint is a clever old thing. Apart from protecting the decking from our "unique" weather, you can choose a favourite shade, that matches your whole outdoor furniture colour scheme vibe and give your outdoor space even more personality. 

From subtle, natural colours, to big, bold, vibrant hues, specialist decking paints are also really handy at filling in little cracks in your timber, and even smoothing down splinters. 

Why not check out what your local trade merchants can offer, and see how you can get your decking looking it's best and ready for the seasons ahead. 

And we'd love to see how those dreamy decks turn out, so go on, share your decking pics with us on our social channels here. Just tag us @planeandsimplediy or use the hashtag #PlaneandSimpleDIY