Mower no more?

Mower no more?

Real lawns look lovely but they can be a right pain in the grass. More and more people are choosing to fake it with artificial grass. So how do they compare? We take a closer look at artificial grass vs real grass. Let the turf wars begin!  
Nothing beats real grass, right? The luscious feel of a natural carpet, the smell of a freshly mown lawn. The endless hours maintaining it. The bit of the year when it turns to mud in front of your eyes… 
If you’re looking for low maintenance garden ideas then maybe it’s time to think about what artificial grass can do for you. So what are the artificial grass pros and cons? 
Let’s take a look at the pros first. 

It really does look like grass.

Artificial turf has come a long way. We all remember how AstroTurf used to look and feel (think green concrete). But nowadays artificial is just like actual grass. So if you want something soft with a natural feel, the likes of Lido Artificial Grass or Lugano Artificial Grass are great options. Far more lifelike than the AstroTurf grass of old.

More choice.

No disrespect to Mother Nature but when go artificial, you get to make your lawn more about your own personal tastes. These days you can choose the colour, pile, length, density, texture, yarn, and design options
It always looks good in all weathers (important in this country when “all weathers” could happen on any given day of the year…). It won’t fade or discolour in the sun, and will maintain its vibrant green colour. So it always looks fresh. 
It’s designed to withstand family life. Two big challenges to any lawn – kids and pets. With artificial grass, the fibres spring back after any activity, so it won’t get wrecked. So dogs (and small humans) can’t dig it up. Plus it’s easy to clean and keep hygienic. 
Only positive reactions. If you suffer from hay fever, then sitting out on your lawn is not usually an option. But artificial turf stays grass pollen-free, so you can stay out all year round. 
It’s easier all round. Artificial grass installation is easy. And quick. You can DIY artificial grass and install it yourself if you’re on a stricter budget. Then there’s the ongoing (lack of) maintenance. Your artificial lawn doesn’t need regular upkeep. No strimming the edges, no digging out the weeds. Which is ideal for people who find garden maintenance difficult, time consuming or expensive. 
It works well in a small space. Artificial grass doesn't need sunlight, so it can be used in shaded or covered spaces where the real thing just won't grow. 
So what about cons? The reality is, there really aren’t that many these days. The industry has worked incredibly hard to make it as lifelike as possible. But here are a couple of things to consider. 

Is it really only green in colour? Real lawns are more environmentally friendly. That’s true when it comes to helping insect life in your garden. On the other hand, an artificial lawn doesn’t require a lawnmower, so that helps reduce air pollution. Plus, you will use less water and of course fertilisers, pesticides, weed killers etc. 
It's a shortcut. Some people like spending time and effort making their law look lovely. They don’t want to take the easy way out. If this is you, and you crave that fresh cut smell as you work away on a Sunday afternoon, then artificial maybe isn’t your thing. 
It’s not entirely maintenance free. There’s always going to be some debris to get rid of. You still have to take care of the likes of leaves and of course pet waste. So whatever you choose, there will still be some work to do. 

But, if you want a great looking, easy to maintain lawn all year round, then you might not mind that. Whatever you go for, our local merchants can help you make the most of your space. 
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