Let’s take this outside…

Let’s take this outside…

Clever DIY ideas don’t have to stay indoors. We’ve got lots of garden ideas on a budget to help you transform your outdoor space, simply, affordably and beautifully.

DIY ideas for gardens don’t have to involve fancy water features, industrial excavators and expensive landscape design. You can think small and still bring to life some smart garden decorating ideas that will bring your outside area to life. And, as ever, we’re here to help.

Now’s the perfect time to think about getting your garden summer ready. And the perfect place to start is with a pergola. They look great, they extend your home’s living space, they’re very low maintenance, and they can actually add to the value of your home. 

The big question is how to build a pergola yourself? The good news is that the answer is that it’s pretty straightforward. It’s basically an open roof, set on posts You can buy them as a kit but you really only need treated timber for your columns and a handy YouTube video or two to create a cool looking addition to your garden.

A good-looking fence is another way to get that lush ‘garden magazine’ feel going. They’re great for smaller gardens because they take up less space than walls and hedges. Plus, you can pick a style and colour of fence slats to suit you and your home. Our treated green fence slats for example, are strong and durable, but also good looking which is what you want in your fence. And fencing is also relatively easy to install. 

Fence panels are the quickest and most straightforward. And when they’re in, they can be painted or stained to add the perfect finishing touch to your garden.

Staying with all things wood and timber, railways sleepers are popular for DIY garden projects. Especially when used for landscaping like steps, raised plant beds and retaining walls.

And you maybe want to either refresh your decking or create something special. These days decking boards come in a whole range of unique and vibrant colours, including lagoon blue and sunset orange, which lets you be much bolder with how you use your outdoor space.  And thanks to the latest timber technology, they’re long lasting as well as being good looking.

A quick way to bring more life and colour into your garden is with a trellis. They’re simple to fix to an exterior wall using wood screws and over time, your climbing plant of choice will grow over it, giving you a stunning green wall in your garden. A good woodcare preservative will help keep your trellis protected and looking at its best.

And of course, with our online marketplace, there’s no faff. You can get the right DIY products, home (and garden) improvement supplies and building materials from multiple local merchants. Who, along with the best quality materials, also offer up the best quality expertise.

So crack on, and have a (hopefully) cracking summer in your new look garden. Share your pics with us on our social channels @planeandsimplediy, or using the hashtag #PlaneandSimpleDIY