Spring into action with some garden inspiration

Spring into action with some garden inspiration

After being locked down, stuck in, and fed up, now’s the time for some crafty garden ideas and spring gardening tips so you can get ready to get outside and make more of your outdoor space. And you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy spending more time in the garden.

So now that it’s no longer dark for 23 hours a day, we can all look forward to a bit of spring coming. And looking out onto our wonderfully revitalised spring garden. We’re here to help you prepare your garden with a seasonal makeover to suit your space, your budget, and your appetite for a bit of garden graft.

Breathing new life into your outdoor space is a really rewarding thing to do, for your whole wellbeing. And it doesn’t need to cost the earth to make your patch of earth a lot more welcoming and a lot more you. You don’t have to have sweeping lawns and fountains. Even if you’ve only got a wee bit of space, with some modern garden ideas it can be transformed into a space to love.

Railway sleepers

Railway sleepers are pretty much great for everything in a garden. Steps, decking, raised flower beds, furniture. You can even build a pond out of them. And, if you’re looking for garden ideas on a budget, they’re really not too pricey either. You can use the likes of oak sleepers as edging, creating a warm, natural looking border around your flower beds, lawn, or patio. And they’re robust and durable too. Always good for the good old Scottish weather. They also make for good looking garden furniture. With durability, long-lasting lifespan and rustic look, it creates cracking looking spring garden furniture (without the cracks). 


We reckon you can’t beat a bit of decking. In fact, we love it so much we wrote a whole blog just full of top decking ideas which you can read here. There are loads of different ways to create the right decking for you and your space. Thanks to our local trade partners, we’ve got a big variety of timber decking and composite decking to help you build the perfect chill out area. From the traditional look and feel of timber, to the more contemporary and longer lasting composite, all with a good looking, professional finish. 

And if you already have decking, then spring is the perfect time to get it ready for all that outdoor living. We’ve got a whole range of timber decking stains, oils and paints to protect your decking and keep it looking great.


For garden ideas on a budget, you might want to think about paving slabs. They can be a real cost effective way to add some character to your spring garden and, depending on what you go for, even a chance to implement some more modern garden ideas. They’re durable and suitable for all areas of your garden, and all sizes of garden too. You can check out our range here. Everything from ethically sourced natural sandstone to cobbles and Italian porcelain. 

Artificial grass

As much as we all love a lush lawn, another great spring gardening tip is to go for artificial grass. It can be the perfect option for low maintenance or smaller spaces. Plus, it frees up all that time you can spend getting a lawn looking good... Artificial grass these days looks much more like the real thing, being softer, more natural in feel, and available ready to install. 

Decorative Aggregates

This is just a fancy name for garden stones. But there’s loads of choice and loads you can do with them. From driveways to flower beds and borders. They’re versatile, long-lasting, and a great way to give your spring garden a bit of a makeover. Our selection of decorative aggregates has something for every taste and budget. From more traditional washed gravel to Caledonian pebbles and beautiful looking slate chippings 

So, if you’re feeling inspired, give us a shout, and our local experts will be able to sort you out with what you need to suit your outdoor space and your budget. We’d love to see how you transform or create your spring garden so please share any pics with us on the usual channels.