Don't let limited outdoor space limit your ideas

Don't let limited outdoor space limit your ideas

Small gardens don’t have to mean small ideas. If you’re looking for your next project to get your DIY chops around, then better utilising space in a small garden is a great way to use your hard-earned skills and transform your own little outdoor patch.

To help you get grafting, here are a few quick small garden ideas from us, so let your imagination run wild.

Garden paving stones are a great way to add character to your space. You don’t need a giant lawn or winding path for paving. You can add a little patio with some elegant Italian porcelain tiles. They can really make your garden feel like an extension of your house. Light-coloured stones like this can help create a feeling of more space, and really add a sense of openness to a garden. 

Or you could go for some bolder designs – they can add more of your own personality. Or quirkier ideas, like a few stepping stones, can help bring your garden to life.

DIY Raised Garden Beds

And even when space is tight, you can create different levels for your paving, like building garden steps or raised gardens beds. This sort of chunky landscaping project can break up your space and make it look much more interesting.

If you’re thinking about meatier landscaping ideas for small gardens, then you could crack on with building a pergola. They’re ideal for adding an eye-catching feature to even the most compact of spaces.  They look great, add some privacy, you can train plants to grow up them, and they’re a natural looking feature that completely changes the character of your space.

DIY Garden Pergola

This is a proper project to get stuck into, and there are loads of videos online on how to build a pergola. We can help you with the upright posts and rafters you’ll need, from our locally, handpicked trade merchants. They’re here to provide you with the best quality garden and landscaping materials.

Another great way of adding a bit more life using plants, and to make some noticeable garden improvements, is to put up garden trellis panels. They’re great as a decorative element and work really well when paired with a pergola for your plant growing. Yes, you can buy one ready made from us if you like, but you can also build your own easily enough. We can help you choose weatherproof materials that are sturdy enough, plus all the screws, wood stain and tools you’ll need.

DIY Fence Ideas

Finally, you might want to think about making some garden fence ideas work for you. Apart from providing a bit more privacy, there are loads of designs that can help a small space look bigger or more attractive. Your fence can be a proper feature these days, rather than just a functional boundary. From Venetian blinds-style fencing which lets more light and air in, to woven bamboo for a softer barrier, or spaced wooden fencing, with a countryside style that makes your space feel less enclosed.

And you can stain or paint your garden fence to match your particular tastes and your vision for your garden. We’ve got fence panels, posts, and fixings to help you get the job done.

Whatever you need, our online marketplace is the most straightforward way to buy all your building materials to transform small gardens on a budget. And there’s plenty more to inspire you, from decking and sleepers to artificial grass and gravels. 

No faff, no wandering about the aisles of DIY sheds. Just what you need, when you need it for your next outdoor project.