Time to commence the fence (without the expense)

Time to commence the fence (without the expense)

It can be a great upgrade to make to your garden and can really bring your outdoor space to life. And of course, if you want to build a fence yourself, it’s a lovely sizeable project to get stuck into. 

Fence designs can be whatever you set your heart on, whatever your tastes are, and however simple or chunky you want your project to be.  

You might want something a bit different. Like the classic post and rail fence, for a countryside vibe. 

Or maybe you’ll go for a split rail fence with mesh if your dog is a bit of an escape artist, or you want to protect your prize veg from pilfering wildlife.

Fence types You can use your fencing to create a private seating area if you have the space or put shelves up to hold your plants.

Or you could paint your fence a bold colour to add a bit of a personal design to your garden and make it a feature wall as a finishing touch to your garden.

So, there’s loads you can do and loads to think about.

Do your own fence - a guideIf you’re wondering how to install fencing without spending a small fortune, then the good news is that you can build a creative DIY garden fence that looks great and does the job, for less than you might expect from a project of this size.  

There’s loads of affordable fence options on our online marketplace, in a range of sizes. The standard 6ft x 6ft DIY fence panels, for example, can be as little as £30. 

A lot of people go for the classic golden brown open board fence panel which suits any outdoor space.

Or for something a bit more robust and durable, you might want to consider the heavy-duty close board fence panel. 

Another stronger option is the overlap panel which is designed to be more resilient than a traditional panel - not a bad option for the British weather.

There are also a lot of different timber fence posts and fixing options to think about.  They can make sure your fence has the right level of support, and it’s important to consider what’s best for your project - whether your fence will be on a slope, or depending on the height of the fence. 

Build your own fenceMaybe while you’re at it you might want to think about installing a trellis to give your garden a bit more character. They offer great support for climbing plants, they can divide up your space nicely, hide bins or sheds, and you can use them to give a wooden fence a splash of bold colour.

Some quick top fencing tips

  • Check if you need planning permission and, if you do, you’re building to the right size and height
  • Check your property boundaries, and check in with your neighbours to keep the peace
  • Dig in deep for a sturdier fence
  • Allow for more posts - better than not enough
  • Think about the rain and where it will gather in your garden – you don’t want to direct it towards your house
  • Think about your utility lines – are they in the way?
  • Get your fence paint or stain to help preserve the wood
  • Drop by our online marketplace to get the best, trade quality fencing 
  • If you’re building a fence on uneven ground, you can use filler material to plug the gaps

A DIY fence might seem like a big project at the start, but you’re ready to nail it (galvanised obviously, better for the outdoors).

Happy DIYing and make sure you share your own garden fencing ideas with us.