Improve your home right now, (and improve what you get when you sell it)

Improve your home right now, (and improve what you get when you sell it)

We talked last month about money saving DIY home improvement ideas for cutting your energy bills - like draught proofing, flooring and loft insulation and putting a jacket on your boiler.  As winter approaches, we should all be thinking about how we can cut our heating bills, and these are great ways of saving money right away. 

But what about making money too? What adds value to a house? And what are the best home improvements to increase value and help you get more back in the future?

You might not be thinking about putting your house on the market right now. But whenever you prepare to sell, you’ll be glad it’s looking its best and your hard work is sure to truly pay off.

Let’s start outside and work our way through the house. This is the first thing people see, so is basically your ‘shop window’. There are little home improvement things you can do like get a new doormat and power wash your drive. But you could also think about smart new fencing to spruce up your outdoor space. Or freshen up your front door without replacing it, with some new paint. You could think about some new paving or gravel, or artificial grass, to add ‘kerb appeal.’ 

DIY Floating Shelves

Inside, the kitchen is the heart of the home. You don’t need to splash out on a new kitchen to see some house improvement. But painting your kitchen cabinets can make it feel like a you have. Choose a bright, light colour to make it feel more spacious. In your bathroom – often a room where you could use storage - try adding some floating shelves. Or even have a go at building your own cabinet. And updating your bathroom fixtures is one of the most inexpensive things that add value to your home.

Easy bathroom transformation

Around the house, general everyday wear and tear means there’s probably a few holes, chips and cracks in your walls. These are easily to fix with some quick drying filler and a little DIY home repair.  And that extra bit of effort will boost your home’s value later. Another quick win is to change door and cupboard handles if they’re looking a little old fashioned or worn. Same goes for light fittings. Little jobs that, with a bit of elbow grease, can make a big difference.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a garden out the back, it’s amazing how you can totally transform that space without spending a fortune. Decorative gravel is a great way to add low maintenance colour and detail. Raised sleeper beds are great for creating great looking planters. And if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, there are loads of cost-effective decking options to bring your space to life. (And make it look brilliant to potential buyers.)

All these things can save you money on bringing in professionals in, make your home feel even better to live in and boost its value when you come to sell. If you have any other tips, on how to improve your home, please share them with us. We’d love to hear your ideas.