Why DIY - Good For You, Great For Your House

Why DIY - Good For You, Great For Your House

So why so popular? Is DIY worth it? A smart way to save? A healthy way to escape from the stress of every-day life? A cunning way to expressing your creativity and individuality? An all-consuming obsession? 
If you’re new to this world, then good news – it’s ALL these things. Fun, fulfilling, family friendly and a flippin’ great way to make your space. 

DIY with Plane & Simple

First up, a bit of Do it yourself history. Obviously, we’ve always had to build and repair. In the dark and distant past, there was no ye olde mega-shed round the corner. After WW2, money for home improvements was tight so people started doing these projects themselves and that’s really where the modern version of DIY culture got going.  
In the 60s and 70s, this was boosted by the need for more self-expression in the home (and wallpaper that could give you nightmares). Before, TV in the 80s and 90s created a seemingly never-ending conveyor belt of DIY shows. And now online tutorials, handy DIY websites and our even handier online DIY market make it all even easier. 

Benefits of DIY

Let’s look at our top 5 awesome advantages of DIY 


1. It gives you a massive boost of satisfaction. You did this. You. No one else. Those shelves look awesome, and will last forever, possibly. And you saved a small fortune in the process. Go you. 

2. You properly switch off. Step away from the phone, laptop, tablet etc. Pull the plug on always being on, always being available. No emails. No social media. Just you and your roller. Feels very good indeed. 

3. One of the benefits of DIY is that it reduces stress. Think about it. Decluttering. Organising. Ticking off that thing that’s been bugging you. Creating a Zen like space that makes you feel happy. Making an outdoor space to chill out in. It’s all there.

4. You can get all creative. Most of us don’t get to do that in our day jobs. There’s as freedom with DIY at home. You engage your brain. Problem solve. It might look like you’re putting up a fence or plasterboard, but we know you’re expressing yourself. 

5. It saves your cash spent on home improvement costs. No labour costs makes a huge difference to a job. And the more new skills you learn (another great benefit) the more you can save. Until you become utterly addicted and have to have all the tools and kit and spend your life thinking about your next project. Welcome to our world.


And lastly, it’s a real community. Once you get started you’ll find that other people in the know love to hear what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and, surprisingly often, can they help.  

UK DIY Community

Oh yeah and it’s more sustainable, keeps you moving and exercising, helps build resilience and… well, you’ll find it all out for yourself. 
If you are going to do it yourself, you don’t need to do it yourself. We’re here to help. Plane & Simple brings together the best expert, local trade, so you can get all the trade-quality paint, tools and materials you need.