Up in the loft is where you can bring your bills down

Up in the loft is where you can bring your bills down

You lose a mighty 25% of heat through your roof and insulating a house doesn’t just keep it warm – it actually helps keep it cool in the summer too. And the cash you spend on DIYing it just now, you’ll get back in under 2 years with what you save on bills. Not to mention, now’s the ideal time to insulate so you don’t end up freezing or melting during the project!

DIY Loft Insulation

So What is Loft Insulation?

It’s like a big blanket in your roof space that traps heat and slows the heat loss between your home and the outside. It can either be laid between the joists or by insulating roof rafters and there are loads of different types of insulation to choose from.  We can bring you together with locally based trade merchants who’ll keep you right with what you need for your home.
It might be mineral wool – affordable, easy to work with and a favourite amongst DIYers. Or sheet loft insulation – rigid sheets made from board. If you’ve got a bigger budget, you might want to think about wood fibre insulation or sheep's wool. They’re a bit pricier, but more environmentally friendly.
Before you start, there are a couple of important things to consider that will help you decide what’s right for you.
•    Is your loft easily accessible? 
•    Will you be using the loft space for storage?
•    What’s your budget for insulating your roof? 
On top of that you’ll want to check the rules and regulations where you live. Local Building Regulations could impact on the loft insulation thickness you could use. For example, for glass wool, the recommended minimum depth is 270mm. 

How Much Do I Need?

If your loft is as large as the space your house takes up, you can just multiply the width of your house by the length to get the square metres of your loft. And add about 10% for wastage.

Materials for Insulation a Loft

What Do I Need?

Here’s a checklist of the tools and supplies you’ll need when insulating a house:
Dampproof Membrane 
Dampproof Tape 
Dampproof Adhesive 
● Caulk Gun 
● Large knife (to cut the insulation)  
● Safety goggles 
Protective gloves 
● Dust mask 
● Tape measure

What Are My Do's & Don'ts?

DO: Make a plan. Do your research. Talk to the trade guys we work with. Check out the regulations. You might even be eligible for a grant to help towards the costs.
DO: Tidy & clear your loft space. Start with a clean and tidy area to work in.
DO: Take your time installing the damp-proof membrane and be thorough to create a completely sealed surface that will not allow any moisture or dampness to soak into the insulation 
DO: Mind the gaps. Work your way around the loft adding more and more insulation until you’ve covered the whole area.
DON’T: Forget to have plenty of light in the loft so that you can see clearly. 
DON’T: Leave loose floorboards or electric cables, under the insulation. 
DON’T: Risk putting your leg through the ceiling. Use chipboard flooring sheets to kneel on. 

Insulation a Loft

It might seem there’s lot to think about, but you’ve got this. Our digital marketplace of local trade merchants are handpicked help you get trade quality big and bulky building materials so you can sort your loft insulation out yourself.